DBT for Eating Disorders

Get an evidence-based approach to help your clients with disordered eating. Specifically adapted for Orthodox Jewish clients.

from: Feb 13 - Feb 16 14 hours Therapists

For anyone struggling with disordered eating, getting the right help can be a matter of life and death. When that person is your client, you want to have the ability to provide the treatment they need.

Overcome the biggest challenges you face treating a client with an eating disorder.
Through lecture, case examples, small group exercises and role plays, get the foundations to address

  1. Client ambivalence about treatment and recovery.
    How to “sell” the treatment you believe they need.
  2. Prioritizing when treatment for multiple disorders is needed.
    What do you treat first, the ED or the PTSD? What about OCD?
  3. Treating clients with more than one life-threatening condition.
    Does addressing self-harm come before their medical instability?
  4. Therapy interfering behaviors from clients.
    How to react to angry outbursts, lying, water-loading, or other behaviors that interfere with therapy.
  5. Your own fear and frustration in treating these conditions.
    What to do so your own emotions don’t interfere with the treatment.

Led by Dr. Lucene Wisniewski, who pioneered the use of DBT to treat complex & comorbid ED clients over the past 25 years, this 3 half-day + 1 full-day intensive training has an entire segment devoted to cultural and religious considerations.
This adaptation has never been offered before and may not be taught again.


This training is appropriate for all therapists (and therapists in training) who want to better serve Orthodox Jewish clients. No prior background in DBT or eating disorders is necessary.


Early Bird + Payment

Sign-up sooner for bonus content and special pricing:
12/17 – 1/1/23 – Launch price $695 ($300 off) – Use Code: LAUNCH

1/2/23 – 1/15/23 – Early bird price $795 ($200 off) – Use Code: EARLY

1/16/23 – 2/12/23 – Regular price $995

Scholarship opportunity

The CBT/DBT center so passionately believes in this training that we’re offering a 75% scholarship ($249) to two awardees.

If you would like to be considered for this opportunity please send a single paragraph explaining why you want this training and whom you hope to serve with it to info@thecbtdbtcenter.com.
Subject should be Attn: Dr. K.

CE Credits

14 CE Live Online Contact Hour(s) provided by Core Wellness, LLC.

Core Wellness, LLC is ASWB ACE (#1745), NBCC ACEP (#7094), APA and NYS (SW-0569 and MHC-

0167) approved.

For a full listing of approved boards visit: corewellceu.com/ce0, for a link to redeem your credits visit: corewellceu.com/event/live-dbt-ed1

What Will I Learn?

  • How to apply DBT theory and practice specifically to eating disorders
  • How to strategically use motivation and commitment strategies
  • How to conceptualize and prioritize in the context of multiple high-risk behaviors.
  • How to identify and address therapy interfering behaviors, both on the part of the client and therapist


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(BPD is the most treatable personality disorder. BPD unfortunately doesn’t have the best reputation; DBT is a treatment that works in treating BPD.

However, lots of people who benefit from DBT do not have BPD.

Typically, teens should not be receiving a diagnosis of bpd, and will likely be receiving multiple diagnoses, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, disordered eating, and more. When emotion dysregulation is the root of the problem, teens will typically be struggling with multiple problems at a time.)

(BPD is the most treatable personality disorder. BPD unfortunately doesn’t have the best reputation; DBT is a treatment that works in treating BPD. 

However, lots of people who benefit from DBT do not have BPD.).

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